Let us introduce a lovely woman, Lilla, who is our friend.

We met her last year while we were busy organizing the Hungarian Culture Days 2012. Lilla sponsored us with beautiful bouquets.

Then she kept busy and her business started to get recognition by following a pleasing and heartwarming idea:

''Lilla Zelenak, proprietor of ‘The Green Door Florist’ in Killester, has been spreading the love with the ‘Lonely Bouquet’ initiative, an idea she picked up from the Continent.''

'' On June 30, the Slovakian native arranged bouquets, attached heartwarming messages to them, and left them at various locations in Killester and Clontarf for members of the public to pick up for free.
Bouquets were also left on the DART, the Luas and one outside a hospital in Clontarf.''

''The messages attached to the bouquets include ‘Take Me Home’, and ‘I’m all alone and looking for a new home’. The contact details for the shop are printed at the end of each message.
Lilla told Northside People: “The whole idea came from Belgium, where a woman wanted to cheer people up. Now people have joined all around the world. ''

Lilla's talent and kindness inspiring for us and hopefully for you too:)
Please take a look on her website and FB site:

Good luck for Lilla in the future, keep the attitude and kindness!


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